Equine Reproduction & Foal Care

Lexington Equine Medical veterinarians provide the most comprehensive and advanced reproduction services in Central Kentucky. The LEMG team supports the fertility of mares and stallions, healthy pregnancies and the well-being of the resulting foals. The LEMG team is particularly successful in treating difficult fertility cases and problematic foals.

LEMG services include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Reproductive & breeding soundness examinations (pre-breeding, pre-purchase and infertility)

  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management

  • Specialized treatment for low-fertility mares and stallions

  • Reproductive surgery

  • Stallion management and castration

  • Artificial deep horn insemination

  • Embryo transfer

  • Semen collection

  • Cycle management and manipulation

  • Fetal sexing with certificate

  • Dystocia and dummy foal care

  • Screening for disease and failure of passive transfer 

  • Conformation exams and recommendations 

  • Foal musculoskeletal development monitoring and autologous interventional therapies

  • Preventative screening, monitoring and treatment of foals to limit infectious diseases.

  • High-risk pregnancy monitoring for placental and fetal health with interventional treatments available

* Emergency services to established clients are available.